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In 2008, I lost my best friend in to suicide. A few sort years later, I transitioned from a career in NASCAR to a new role in nonprofit -- supporting severely disabled veterans. My friend, Chris, was a veteran, the life of the party, loved his friends and family more than anything, tried anything once and was loved beyond words....but, struggled to find his way after his service to our country. There was no "holistic transition" plan for Chris, and eventually, this lack of plan or support led to him taking his life.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my new position at Paralyzed Veterans of America was just the path I needed to ensure veterans, like Chris, never face the desperation, lack of direction or depression Chris felt after transitioning to civilian life. Needless to say, God has a plan.

Raising funds and awareness for Paralyzed Veterans of America has certainly an easy fit for me. If I can help one veteran get through their pain, challenges and struggles following injury either visible or non-visible, I HAVE made a difference of which honors my good friend Chris. This year, I run for all the amazing veterans and service men/women living with disabilities -- Sean, Ryan, Marco, Diana, Jody, Carl, Ricky, Marcus, Jeff, Bobby, Hack, Tom, Shaun, David, Dave, Carlos, Redzuan, Rico, Jody, Charlie, Larry, Bill, Al, Sherman, and most recently, my cousin, David and his fellow officer, John.
Please consider making a donation to Paralyzed Veterans in honor these truly amazing service men and women -- no one does more for veterans, their families and caregivers and the disabilities community then our organization!
Paralyzed Veterans of America works each day to create an America where all veterans and people with disabilities, as well as their families, have everything they need to live full and productive lives. Paralyzed Veterans is dedicated to serving veterans, medical research, and civil rights for people with disabilities.
Thank you for joining me in my (personal) mission to honor Chris and make a difference!
Thanks a million!
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